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There are two different download files for AppThena. They are identical except that one is compressed as a ZIP file and the other is a Tar/GZip file. The Zip file is more convenient for Windows users and the the Tar/GZip for unix variants.

You must read and agree with the licence agreement before you can download AppThena. Please select yes to confirm your agreement.

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Version Status Build Release Date Zip Package Tar/GZip Package
AppThena 1.0 Beta 2 483 7th Sept. 2007 appthena.tar.gz


Before you install AppThena you must have already installed a Java web application server such as Apache Tomcat™, BEA Weblogic™, JBoss™ or IBM Websphere™. You also need access to a relational database and a suitable JDBC driver.

To install AppThena, just download the appropriate package and uncompress it into a convenient directory. Then deploy the WAR file in your application server.

For instructions on deploying AppThena in your application server see:

Free Runtime Licence

The download includes a free runtime licence that you can use for evaluating and testing AppThena. The main limitation of this licences is that it will only serve pages to "localhost". i.e. you must test it on the computer that contains the application server.

Please see the Licences page for more information about runtime licences including information about the free Test Licence.

End User Licence Summary

AppThena is published with a fairly typical closed source, commercial licence.

You are permitted to build and sell applications based on AppThena but you must purchase a valid runtime licence before making these applications available to end users. If you build an application on behalf of another party then either you or they must purchase a licence in their name.

All paid runtime licences are perpetual unless stated otherwise.