AppThena - Getting Started

This document helps you to install AppThena, find your way around and start customising it.


Please see Installation Instructions for All Application Servers.

The AppThena Web Application

Once you've installed AppThena and connected it to a database, you can log in and start editing your data.

Follow the link to the Search Page from your application's index page. On the Search Page, select a type from the drop down list and press the "Search" button. You should now see a list of the contents of the table behind this type.

You can now navigate through your data by pressing Edit or View buttons.

If you can't find any links from one type to another then either your types are genuinely unrelated, or the database doesn't contain any foreign keys linking them together.

Working with Your Application

Changing the Database Design

Although the system copes with most changes to your database automatically, you may need to restart your web application in order to see the others.

You don't need to modify any code unless you've explicitly coded types or property names somewhere.

Customising Your Application

You may wish to read about AppThena's Architecture before you start customising your application.

Please see Customising AppThena for a list of the most common changes that might wish to make.