AppThena Licences


Each web application that uses AppThena must be covered by a runtime licence.

You may develop and test applications free of charge but you must purchase a licence for each application before it goes live. The download contains a free development licence.

Glass Paw offer a range of paid licences to cover the most common deployment situations. These licences are perpetual. Please if you would like to purchase a non-standard licence.

Please note that you can upgrade an existing licence without having to re-deploy any of your applications. For example, you could start with a "Standard" licence and replace it with an "Enterprise" licence at a later date.

Licence Types

Free Licences

You may download AppThena and use it to develop web applications free of charge. We will not provide support for free licences unless you have purchased a support package.

Development Licence

The AppThena installation package includes a free development licence. This licence may be used for evaluation, development, testing and personal use only. It may not be used in production systems. This licence can only be used on the computer which contains the AppThena installation.

Test Licence

Unlike the development licence, the free test licence allows you to access a test system from other computers. In other words, it allows you to deploy a full scale system for test purposes.

You must use a different test licence for each domain that you are testing. You must use different test licences for each computer in a cluster. You are welcome to use as many test licences as you wish.

Please if you would like any test licences.

Paid Licences

This section describes the different types of paid licences that are available. You must own one of these licences before you make your application available to your end users.

The Standard, Work Group and Enterprise licences are all perpetual.

What's a Server?

You are welcome to install the system on virtual machines. Each running virtual machine instance is treated as an individual server for licensing purposes. Virtual machines which are not running do not require licences.

These licences can only be used with a limited number of servers. "Hot backup" and clustered servers count as additional computers that require their own licences. "Cold backups" which are not running do not require licences until they are brought on line. This means that you are welcome to pre-install the same licence on two different servers as long as only one is running at once and they are intended to host the same applications.

Standard Licence

The "Standard" licence is suitable for a single application which will be used by a large numbers of people. e.g. an application that's used by the general public on the internet.

This licence is restricted to a single web application on a single domain running on a single server. If you wish to use a cluster of servers then you must buy a licence for each server in the cluster that runs AppThena.

Work Group Licence

This licence is very cost effective if you need to host several web applications on the same server. It restricts the number of users that can access the system at the same time. This makes it suitable a relatively small group of people such as the employees of a small company or a large department.

Enterprise Licence

This licence allows you to install as many web applications as you like as long they are part of the same domain. It allows you to host the application on a cluster of servers. If you need a larger cluster than the licence supports then you must purchase another licence to cover the additional servers.

This licence is valid only for a single domain so it is not suitable for virtual hosting. (e.g. providing the same service on many different domains)

Custom Licences

Glass Paw will be happy to provide custom licences on request. These licences can cover any situation. e.g. re-distribution, virtual hosting, site licences, large clusters

Licence Summary

Licence Type Free Main Terms Comments
Development yes
  • For evaluation, development, testing and personal use only
  • No need to register with Glass Paw
Included in free download
Test yes
  • Valid for 3 months
  • Single server
  • Single domain name
  • For evaluation, development and testing only
  • Not for use on production servers
Supplied on request to Glass Paw.

You can build a test cluster by requesting additional test licences.
Standard no
  • Single server up to 4 cores
  • Single domain name
  • Single web application
  • Unlimited users
Ideal for deploying a single internet application.

You can build a cluster of servers by buying additional licences or by upgrading to an "Enterprise" licence.
Work Group no
  • Single server up to 2 cores
  • Single domain name
  • Not suitable for public web applications
  • Up to 6 web applications
  • Up to 12 simultaneous users per application
Provides a cost effective way to host several small applications on one server.
Enterprise no
  • Single domain name
  • Up to 4 clustered servers of up to 8 cores each
  • Unlimited web applications
  • Unlimited users
Intended for applications that require high availability and high throughput. Also suitable if you need to host a large number of web application on one domain.

This licence may not be for applications such as virtual hosting that require multiple domain names.
Distribution ask
  • Allows you to bundle the system as part of another product
Available on request
Site Licence no
  • Allows you to install the system on any computer in your organisation
Available on request.
Service Provider no
  • Any number of servers
  • Any number of domains
  • Any number of web applications
  • Any number of users
Available on request.
Reseller no
  • Allows a wholesaler to sell the application to their own customers
Available on request.