AppThena - Features

You can edit, search and modify a database just by connecting it to AppThena. There's no need to create an object/relational mapping layer and no need to build individual screens for every type.

You can deploy straight-forward data editing applications with virtually no extra work. In more complex projects you can leave the basics to AppThena and concentrate on the unique features of your application.

A Web Application In a Box

  • AppThena automatically converts each database table into a type, each column into a property and each record into an object
  • users can edit, modify and search for objects without you having to write any code
  • AppThena converts foreign keys between tables into relationships between types
  • users can browse from one object to another

No Need to Crank Out Boiler-Plate Code

  • no need to create data objects or business objects for every type
  • no need to build individual create, read and update pages (CRUD) by hand for every type
  • no need to modify standard screens when the database model changes

Robust, Modular Design

  • uses the highly successful Model, View, Controller pattern to separate database access, control logic and the user interface
  • makes extensive use of Java plugins allowing you to add business logic where it's needed
  • you can use AppThena's model with other user interfaces
  • you can create your own views and actions
  • create your own Model if necessary to wrap existing business objects or your preferred object/relational mapping
  • this modular design makes AppThena ideal as the starting point for complex, bespoke applications

Adaptable User Interface

  • you can make simple changes such as renaming a type with a quick change in a configuration file
  • the web interface is written in JSP making it easy to modify and extend
  • it's easy to brand an application because there are only a handful of JSPs and they're styled with CSS
  • you can add or remove Action plugins to transform user interface behaviour

Excellent Support for Other Software

  • works with virtually any relational database as long as it supports the ANSI SQL 92 entry level and has a version 3 JDBC driver
  • works with any Java application server supporting servlets 2.4 and JSP 2.0 or later
  • works with any operating system as long as it has a suitable JVM (Java 5.0 or later)