AppThena - Benefits

AppThena can provide substantial time savings in database-driven web application development. These benefits apply whether you are sharing databases on your company intranet, or carrying out large-scale bespoke development projects. These are some of the benefits using AppThena can provide:

Faster And More Efficient Development

  • provides a complete architecture, allowing developers to concentrate on those parts of the application which add value
  • the application instantly reflects changes in the database
  • improves communication with customers and customer satisfaction by providing early demos
  • allows you to carry out 'live design' of web application layout and functionality
  • early feedback to end users reduces project risk

Extremely Cost Effective

  • you create applications in a fraction of the time needed for traditional approaches
  • development and test licences are free
  • you may purchase deployment licences 'as required'

Increases Competitiveness

  • cuts costs to make your prices more competitive and improve you margins
  • improves your business processes by sharing important data quickly and easily
  • creates new market opportunities for bespoke development, by making enterprise web applications more affordable