About AppThena

Instant Web Applications

AppThena is the most cost-effective solution for building database-driven web applications. Whether you're sharing a database over your own network or building a highly complex internet application for the public, no other solution gets you up and running so fast.

Simply connect AppThena to a database to get a fully functional web application which lets you view, edit, search and delete the contents of your database without any further work.

With AppThena there's no need to create a software architecture and no need to build individual web pages. It deduces your application's data types from the database structure and constructs screens to view, edit and search these types dynamically.

Total Flexibility

Although your AppThena application will work "out of the box", you'll almost certainly want to change some things. For example, you may need to change the look and feel to match your company's brand or integrate it with a work flow system.

AppThena has been designed for total flexibility and easy modification. You can change or extend any part of the application. Common tasks such as hiding properties and renaming types can be accomplished without any programming at all; just edit a simple configuration file. More complex changes can be achieved by creating Java plugins. If necessary, you can replace any of the standard modules completely.

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Benefits Features
Slashes the cost of development Creates a fully functional database-driven web application instantly
Delivers enterprise applications at departmental budgets Provides an entire software architecture in a single solution including the object/relational mapping layer and a standard user interface
Provides access to your valuable data to any authorised user with a web browser Compatible with all standards compliant JSP and J2EE application servers and almost any relational database server
Based on the industry standard Java enterprise platform for reliability, security and scalability Flexible; change as much or as little as you need
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